Hello Everyone! Im moving mountains with my creativity. Ive had this museum show on my radar for some time now in fact at least 2 years plus. Yet with all that has happened in my life in the recent past, the passing of my mother and last year my husband, I almost decided not to do the show. I really had to think it over because a part of me has been very weary and another part is driven to keep moving forward as my beloved would have wished for me if he was still here. I met with the curator earlier in the year and spoke with close friends to get their take on it The consensus was to pour myself into the work and see what comes out. I got a layout of the museum gallery space and started there with the amount of square feet and wall space. Ive kept a notebook and paper calendar to track everything and have done this every year with a new notebook and paper planner.


Im a painter and sculptor so both will fill the wall and floor space well. I plotted it out how much wall space first for the paintings, then the floor space for my sculptures and conferred with the curator about which sculptures would be best and have planned for 2 installations of carved hands and birds

I figured out the amount of space for each install and then what other works and how many of each. Im excited because this show has stretched me to create circular paintings and vertical panels not just regular paintings. Ive also had to maintain a cohesiveness and thread of themes and subject matter that will be represented through the entire exhibit

Here I am two months out from getting all the work done and theres still so much more to do but its been bearable with the help of my apprentice Regina and friends who have lent a few hours here and there

The studio is crowded with work from floor to ceiling. In total I will have 9 paintings, 16 circular paintings, 15 panel paintings, a bird installation and carved bark hands plus a partridge in a pear tree! More next week and no rest for the weary! Thanks for looking!