Hello everyone. Another week, another day and new ways to make a living as an artist. Just from my perspective of life of an artist has ups and downs regards to income unless you are already wealthy. In years past I had a spouse that was also an artist but because we both were creating income it made it so much easier until, he was diagnosed with a life altering disease. There’s 3 major things worth sharing with other artists longing to make a living as an artist. Save money even if it’s a small amount per month or weekly, live frugally and have multiple streams of income. I’ve learned about all 3 things the hard way!

When my spouse was sick I started making paper pieces and note cards from my paper pieces for a second tier of income stream and it has worked well! It’s about finding the correct outlet for that income that is important, it could look different than a normal art gallery. Such as a local craft gallery or coffee shops. Now I also make smaller sculptural 3-D pieces that I sell as part of my second tier art.

Another wonderful way that I’ve supplemented my artist lifestyle is through my Airbnb which was also a saving grace during my husband’s illness and now is my saving grace through COVID.

I’ve always been a teacher and a mentor. I have had a wonderful part time apprentice for years now. My husband and I were her mentors first then it developed into a working relationship. During COVID earlier in the year I taught online classes and held COVID safe intimate classes here at my studio. Because of my museum show I’m focusing on my art the rest of the year

Of course saving and living frugally go hand & hand. That was a lesson hard learned in younger days when things were so abundant all the way around. Now I grow my own garden, save back, pay off and buy one piece of clothing. I visualize and make vision boards a big part of my practice. Thanks for taking the time to read! Until next week!