The Way and Joy of the Painted Journal

The Way and Joy of the Painted Journal - 1Cost: $140.

All Materials included except the purchase of a Global Art Watercolor Journal

4 Sessions and on going teaching sessions throughout the year.


Times: 6:00pm – 9:30pm

The MIXED MEDIA PAINTED JOURNAL is the basic way that Lisa uses prayer, how she celebrates and works through life’s stuff, it often times is the way that she stays checked in. She started her painted journal process years ago when she went through a big transition in her life, leaving a corporate salaried job, striking out on her own as an artist! She’s never stopped. The journal is her journey today through her life, creating the vision in form, using it as a compass. Its about processing what comes upon life, her visual prayer and added notebook of experimentation and exploration for her regular work as an artist.

Painted Journal Community

Drop in for ongoing journaling class that creates community and nurturing sanctuary. What is said in our session stays in a our sessions. Its the modern version of a quilting bee.

Out and About

Journaling outside in nature on the trail using mother nature’s palette, painting with dirt, leaves, moss, rocks and feathers all sorts of found things to create with from mother earth. I have many experiences we can do.

Guided Meditation and Journaling Process

Diving deep! Guided meditations with a journal process following. You will be learning about mixed media in many shapes and forms, so it’s like you get all the juicy stuff that Lisa’s does in her work too.

About the Artist Lisa Jennings

Lisa makes her living as a full time artist using mixed media in every aspect of her 20 year plus career, whether painting, sculpting or teaching. Her works are created mainly on canvas and she sculpts in wood using found objects along with welded metal for additives to her pieces. Lisa’s work is shown in galleries, permanent museum collections, corporate collections and collected privately throughout the US, Europe and Australia.  As an amazing multi talented artist she offers many different classes using mixed media as her platform. Her holistic manner of teaching is her way to share forward all the knowledge she’s experienced.

“When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” Maya Angelo