Soul Source Shrines

Soul Source Shrines - 12 Day Weekend Workshop

Summer of 2016

$200 All Materials Included

Looking for sacred in everyday life? This workshop is for you. We will be looking for the joy in small everyday things. It’s a little more than just creating a piece of kichie art, its’s way to share your own sacred story in dimensional form.

We will spend time to journey, write, sketch, collect and treasure hunt for sacred objects to help create each component. Each item or part that we create will have special meaning that lends itself to tell your own story in 3-D form within the shrine.

Activate your imagination and vision of your life into a 3 dimensional sacred shrine. Tell a story through your shrine, what it represents to you and what you want to gain. We’ll look in depth about our life stories and the path ways that have led us to where we are now. We’ll spend some time writing and sharing our stories (optional), to create your crafted shrines of inspiration using some of mine or your favorite papers, cloth, found objects, junk drawer finds, shells, stones, feathers, charms, things picked up on a special trip, old clothing scraps that remind you of the good ol’ days or your favorite grandmothers handkerchief. The list of supplies is endless. Lisa will share her technical skills and odd sense of humor to help you see yourself in a new light.

Lisa will provide:

Tobacco boxes and other odd containers, odds and ends, cloth feathers, papers and cloth

Scissors, glue/epoxy, needle and thread,

Students can bring their sacred objects, cloth, cards, photos, that are special to place within their shrines.

About the Artist Lisa Jennings

Lisa makes her living as a full time artist using mixed media in every aspect of her 20 year plus career, whether painting, sculpting or teaching. Her works are created mainly on canvas and she sculpts in wood using found objects along with welded metal for additives to her pieces. Lisa’s work is shown in galleries, permanent museum collections, corporate collections and collected privately throughout the US, Europe and Australia.  As an amazing multi talented artist she offers many different classes using mixed media as her platform. Her holistic manner of teaching is her way to share forward all the knowledge she’s experienced.

“When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” Maya Angelo