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The Scout Guide Nashville: yearly publication due out November 2012



Nashville Arts Magazine – artist update article November Issue 2012

Nashville Arts Article

Take a look at this great article about my artist process in the May issue of Nashville Arts Magazine. (interactive magazine- flash required)

Cover Art

Techniques of Grief Therapy” ; Robert A. Neimeyer

An excerpt from “Techniques of Grief Therapy” acknowledgements:“….and a special thanks is due to my artist friend, Lisa Jennings, for her generous willingness to share her visually intriguing, spiritually inflected art as the cover of this book, invoking not only the hardship of the sojourn through grief, but also the companionship and hoped-for destination that make it sustainable. Her work calls to me like a song, as I hope it will as well to other readers of the volume.”

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The Art of Longing Techniques of Grief Therapy

Cover Art / Art throughout the book

The Art of Longing“; Robert A. Neimeyer


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Lisa Jennings at L Ross Gallery