Earlier Years

Autumn Glow I 12”x13.5”

Autumn Glow III 12”x13.5”


Dancing on Air 12″x12″

Just Call on Me 14″x11″

Lightkeepers 1 21″x17″

Lightkeepers II 21″x17″

Lightkeepers III 21″x17″

Tropicana 12″x12″

Luna 8″ Diameter


A Magical Place 24”x20”

A Place to Dream 15”x22”

Be the Mountain 26.5″x20.5″

Beyond Boundaries 27″x33″

Blessed are All the Children 14”x11”

Call & Response 26.5″x 20.5″

Chrysalis Series I 18.5”x14.5”

Chrysalis Series II 18.5”x14.5”

Chrysalis Series 3 18.5”x14.5”

Chrysalis Series 4 18.5”x14.5”

Fay of the Laurel 20.5″x20.5″

Regeneration 39”x27”

Beloved 39”x27”

The Lightkeepers I 10”x12”

The Lightkeepers II 14”x10”

The Lightkeepers III 14”x10”

The Lightkeepers IV 12”x12”

The Lightkeepers V 16”x12”

The Lightkeepers VI 14”x16”

House of the Rising Sun 20”x16”

Silver Lining in Everything 20”x16”

A Peach of A Sunset 20”x16”

Land of Two Suns 24”x20’

Like a Red Red Rose 15”x22”

Like a Red Red Rose 22”x15”

Nocturnal Beauty I 23″x23″

Nocturnal Beauty II 23″x23″

Nocturnal Beauty III 23″x23″

Nocturnal Beauty IV 23″x23″

Solace I 26.5″x20.5″

Solace II 26.5″x 20.5″

The Bodhi Tree 20”x24”

Wings of Gossamer I 19”x14”

Wings of Gossamer II 19”x14”

Wings of Gossamer III 19”x14”

Wings of Gossamer IV 19”x14”


Experiencing Wonder 11”x14”

Remember Peace 22.5″x18.5″

Love One Another 22.5”x18.5”

In The Garden 22.5”x18.5”

Moth 22”x30”

Angel 1 6.5”x7”

Angel II 6.5”x7”

Angel III 6.5”x7”

 Insect 6.5”x 7”

Butterfly I 6.5”x 7”

Butterfly II 6.5”x 7”

Butterfly III 6.5”x 7”

An Angel to Watch Over You 13”x11”

An Angel to Watch Over You Too13”x11”

Purple Zinger 13”x 11’

For When You’re Blue I 15”x11”

For When You’re Blue II 15”x11”

For When You’re Blue III 15”x11”

For When You’re Blue IV 13”x11”

For When You’re Blue V 18”x14″

Seasons 26”x36”

She Presence 11”x15”

Small Wonder 11”x11”

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