“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘it will be  happier’…” – Alfred Lord Tennyson 

Hello all! 

I remiss that I didn’t update you all with my December blog.  I was off in artist mode in that deep place of focusing and listening to what  was supposed to come next and to finish all the work. I did it! I completed  all my work for the museum show. Now that a new year is here, I’m  wondering what to do with a wide open calendar! Last year taught me a  lot. I’ve held on tenderly and gently to what a new year means to me, in  years pass many things were put into action and this year is about going  with flow. I’ve been a planner and a notetaker, still am but I’ve learned to  let go of the end result and roll with what is. What about you? How have things changed your outlook or perspective? 

Im Teaching Again!  

Please join me in this year because I have a lot to offer! I’m excited to offer  some new outdoor classes to get all out even during the winter.  I have 3 options for sharing my art with you. There is something for  anyone, whether it’s online class, a COVID safe outdoor class or a in  person on location at Art & Soul. https://www.artandsoulnashville.com/ bookings-checkout/pigmented-papers-beyond-in-studio.  Here is a link to my website where you can sign up for my online class  The Way and Joy of the Painted Journal and an outdoor class Winter  Wander.