Welcome to my studio, the candy-land of mixed media art. I’ve had the grace as a creative, making my living as a professional full time artist for over 25 years selling my paintings and sculpture. Along this journey I’ve taught and mentored many students.

I’m offering special small intimate classes, workshops and one on one sessions. My studio space is a place of creativity and a sanctuary for all who enter. I have created a series of of intimate classes for people to come create, experiment and learn for a day or a weekend. I am capable of teaching a variety of different classes because of my training and background with expressive arts and my career with mixed media. Some of the classes include The Way and Joy of the Painted Journal, Pigmenting Paper Workshops and specific mixed media techniques that I share in my Open Studio Sessions that I schedule once a month.
I also am able to schedule one on one sessions and duets.
I am currently training as a i – rest Method of Integration teacher. I have already started sharing this method with clients which helps them to establish a calm way to clear their mind and a deeper connection with self which also allows the creative energy to flow easier. I schedule those as a private session in 2-4 hour process.



January 28-29, 2023
Time 10am – 2pm 
Cost: One Day $125 Both Days $225
Warning this is addictive process! My studio is the place where you can get paint on your clothes, hands and even on the floors, so look down when you come in! 

Saturday we will create our own pigmented papers with 3 different pigmenting techniques that I use in my own work. You’ll learn to mono-print, batik resist and gelli plate printing. You’ll create papers to take home and use for all your journaling or art making. 
Sunday we will learn how to integrate our papers with 2 different techniques on how I use my papers in my own works. There will be a multitude of other media for us to layer and create with, such as acrylic markers, my papers, my handmade stamps, magazines, books and any kind of other fodder you can think of!