Welcome to my studio, the candy-land of mixed media art. I’ve had the grace as a creative, making my living as a professional full time artist for over 25 years selling my paintings and sculpture. Along this journey I’ve taught and mentored many students.

I’m offering special small intimate classes, workshops and one on one sessions. My studio space is a place of creativity and a sanctuary for all who enter. I have created a series of of intimate classes for people to come create, experiment and learn for a day or a weekend. I am capable of teaching a variety of different classes because of my training and background with expressive arts and my career with mixed media. Some of the classes include The Way and Joy of the Painted Journal, Pigmenting Paper Workshops and specific mixed media techniques that I share in my Open Studio Sessions that I schedule once a month.
I also am able to schedule one on one sessions and duets.


Pigmented Paper 1 Day Workshop

May 11, 2024
Time 10:00am – 2:30pm 
Cost: $150 – includes all supplies

Come play and experiment making multiple sheets of your own pigmented paper. Give yourself the day to play and have fun using fluid acrylic paints. I will share with you the different kinds of paper I use in my studio and some papery history. We will cover 3 different types of pigmented paper using mulberry paper which has a very durable fiber. This is a great class to take if you are wanting to expand your mixed media fodder. You’ll received a handout of the inventory list of products and where to purchase them.

  1. Mono printing which we will use old glazed butcher block cutting boards to print our papers on.
  1. Geli Plate printing is the new cool for creating interesting abstract pieces. There are endless ways to use a gel plate.
  1. Batik resist is my newest of additions to my work with paper. It is the use of wax resist on paper or textiles to create one layer or multiple layers of color through. I will talk about the history of Batik resist and we will explore all the different ways to print with singular and multiple colors. It’s easy to get lost in the intricacy of using the wax with multiple designs, layers of color and using printing with wood blocks.

Disclaimer: Paper pigmenting can be addictive and add a lot of joy to your life!



Limited Spots: Hurry, as there are only 4 openings per class. This ensures a  personalized and enriching experience for every participant.

Schedule: 10 am – 2pm 

Dates: June 4, 11, 18 and 25

Cost: The entire 4-week program is priced at $225, with a nominal $25 supply  fee. All necessary supplies will be provided, unless you want to work on your own canvas

Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and self-expression this Summer with my upcoming art classes! Join me in my enchanting studio  space, where inspiration knows no bounds and artistic exploration is  encouraged. These intimate classes, held every Tuesday, are tailored to fit  your busy schedule, whether you prefer daytime or evening sessions. In  each class, I will unveil the secrets of a new artistic technique through a  captivating live demonstration. This is your chance to witness creativity  come to life, right before your eyes. But that’s not all – there will be ample  time for you to delve into your own artistic journey.

Class Highlights:  

  • 1. Printmaking: Delve into the fascinating world of printmaking, where  you’ll learn various techniques to create unique, multi-dimensional prints. Unleash your creativity with this timeless and versatile art form. 
2. Abstract Painting: Explore the limitless world of abstract art, where your  imagination takes center stage. Learn the techniques to convey emotions,  thoughts, and ideas through vibrant and unconventional forms. 
3. Design Principles and Elements Understanding design elements and principles all work together is a very important foundation to creating with any art process whether you are creating abstracts or realistic art. This is a key to getting more out of your own process as a visual artist.
4. Creating Organic Backgrounds & Integrating Subject Matter: Dive into the art of crafting organic,  textural backgrounds that add depth and intrigue to your work. Discover the  secrets behind layering and blending techniques to create visually stunning  backdrops. Master the art of seamlessly incorporating  subjects into your artwork. Whether it’s nature, people, or abstract  concepts, learn how to harmoniously merge them with your chosen  background, creating captivating visual narratives. 

Come and embark on this artistic journey with me. Let the vibrant hues, captivating  techniques, and the joy of creation fill your Summer days. Reserve your spot now,  and let’s make this season a celebration of art and imagination!