INtimate IN Studio Classes

Welcome to my studio, the candy-land of mixed media art. I’ve had the grace as a creative, making my living as a professional full time artist for over 25 years selling my paintings and sculpture. Along this journey I’ve taught and mentored many students.

I’m offering special small intimate safe classes while COVID lasts. I’m opening up my studio space and have created a series of of intimate classes for people to come create, experiment and learn for a day. You just show up and I provide all the supplies.

I will teach a course on a specific technique for each Intimate In Studio session. All classes are COVID safe and practice guidelines from local health officials.



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Wednesday January 26 
Time 10am – 2pm
8 person limit     
All materials supplied, plus a handout!
This is a pigmenting class that covers 3 kinds of pigmenting,
Basic monoprinting – Geli Plate Printing – Batik Resist
I will cover different papers that I use in my process along with the paints.


Saturday February 26 and Sunday February 27 
Time 10am – 2pm
$125 take one day or both days
8 person limit  
All materials supplied plus handout.
This workshop is created for people to enjoy the process of making the papers on Saturday as described above and Sunday we will go into how to integrate the papers into multiple mixed media processes for you to enjoy, implement and experiment.
I have many things around the studio to use for mixing your papers with, rubber stamps, pastels, markers, magazines, textiles, wallpapers, affirmations on cards.



2 and half hour sessions

I am offering deeper one on one art making sessions starting in the New Year with wonderful journey work process that I have been experiencing and doing on my own for over 5 years now. This is intimate comfortable and safe process for people who want to excavate and experience art making from the perspective of their own inner voice for healing, connection and expression for richer art making. The process involves a led meditation referred to as a Dyad, one on one with me as you connect with awareness of energy and feelings with some gentle prompts. Throughout the meditation I will take notes on your reflections. Along the journey meditation process there are places to stop, rest breath and integrate what you are experiencing with an easy exit out of the meditation.

During meditation comes integration and after you’ll be painting from your experience with any medium of you choose. I don’t have oils in my studio but any kind of other medium for you to work with. Pastels, markers, watercolors, papers, acrylics.

My studio is a free standing building behind my home set on 2 acres just outside of Nashville in a park like setting.