Hey y’all! Lisa here! I’m always working on stuff in my at-home art studio especially with an upcoming museum show slated for February next year. I’m documenting and taking photos to share some of my artful journey through the previous months of getting ready for my first solo museum show. To date this is the largest body of work that I’ve ever created.

Once a week I’ll share with you my process. This week is about Cairns and Healing Mandalas. Cairns (pronounced kehrns) is a word that originates from the Scottish Gaelic. They are stacked stones typically used as landmarks or memorials. Usually placed on a hill or mountain, cairns are man-made and can serve a variety of purposes such as spiritual rituals, landmarks, to mark trails, and burial monuments to name a few.

They also come in many shapes and sizes. For my show I’m creating 16 circular contemporary paintings as small as 20” inches in diameter up to 3 ft in diameter. The two themes for my work Cairns as mentioned above and the other, healing mandalas. All this work has been created from the broad spectrum of my specialized pigmented paper process using healing colors and symbols together.

The fascination with healing, nature and stones are brought together in this small segment of my show. So much more to come. Thank you for viewing and hope that you’ll enjoy seeing the journey and process as much as I have.